Custom Pet Pillow Keychain


Personalized pet pillow keychains make the sweetest gifts ever whether to yourself or a loved one!! Gift it to a pet lover, or to someone who lost their furry loved ones, use it as a keychain, or use it as an ornament on your Christmas tree! 


These pillow keychains are printed double sided and measure approximately 2" x 4" (5 cm x 10 cm). Sizes may vary depending on the picture of your pet and proportions etc. 

To order
Please send a high quality picture of your pet through Etsy conversations after purchase or prior to placing your order.If you choose the 2 pets on 1 keychain option, both pets must be in one picture and will have 2 pets printed on one pillow keychain. Please do not submit 2 separate pictures as those will not be eligible for keychain production. I will unfortunately not be able to photoshop your pets together or put two separate pillows on one keyring. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Backgrounds of pictures will be erased and only your pets picture will be printed on the pillow keychains or ornament. I will not be able to do additional photoshop effects such as making the pictures more vibrant, sharper, focused or into a higher resolution picture. The model keychains in the display photo vary in quality and appearance due to clothing, fur color markings, and high quality of photos provided by the rightful owners. The end result is based on the quality of the picture provided by buyer and identical to what is provided. Buyers are fully responsible for the photos they submit. If you need assistance or an opinion, please don't hesitate to contact me prior to submitting your pet's picture.

Production Time
These items are handmade and production time is about 2-3 weeks plus delivery time due to high volume of sales. Production time starts from the date your picture is received and not when you place your order so please don't delay in sending your pictures over. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide a picture as soon as possible after order is placed. Rush orders are not available but if you would like to expedite your shipment time once your order is ready to ship, please email me prior to purchase. Merci!

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